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Pomoca Free Pro 2.0 - Splitboard 145mm


Ultralight & Packable

Developed especially for freeriders, this skin makes no compromise: ultralight, excellent grip, and very good glide. Once on the top, the Free Pro 2.0 is so packable that you can almost carry it in your pocket!

  • GLIDE - 200 kcal/h
  • GRIP - 46 g/cm2
  • WEIGHT - 1,000.000 g/m2
  • PRODUCT WEIGHT - 216 g / skin (123 mm x 180 cm)
Attachment System


The perfect solution for splitboard skins

Perfect front connection between the skin and the splitboard thanks to the 10°-angled Click Lock and the off-center buckle. Where needed, the buckle is easy to change. Easy adjustment positioning at the heel of the splitboard, thanks to the elastic Splitboard tail strap.

Pomoca Free Pro 2.0 - Splitboard 145mm




For more than 80 years, thanks to the quality of its products and technological innovations, Swiss label POMOCA has established itself as the undisputed worldwide specialist in climbing skins. Resolutely focused on progress, POMOCA constantly develops new products "something that goes hand in hand with ist ambitious and innovative concept" in order to satisfy and delight ski mountaineering enthusiasts.