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SKINS Unisex Series-3 Travel Socks - Navy


The ultimate travel sock for compression, comfort and utility. A removable foot cover with silicon pad is designed for long-haul aisle walks and bathroom breaks, without the need for footwear. Arch support reduces underfoot impact, and a gradient compression profile supports the calf. On the sole, copper-fibre thermoregulates temperature and delivers antibacterial properties.


-Removable foot cover with silicone pads<br>-Gradient compression profile for the calf<br>-Arch support<br>-Copper fibre sole thermoregulates with antibacterial properties<br>-59% Polyamide, 30% Polyester, 8% Elastane, 3% Copper<br>-Manufactured in Europe

When to Wear

-Travelling<br>-Downtime Between Training and Competition<br>-Cafés (socially acceptable recovery wear)<br>-Recovery from: Ice Hockey, American Football, Football, AFL, Road Running, Trail Running, Track and Field, Dynamic Yoga, Gym

SKINS Unisex Series-3 Travel Socks - Navy




The Skins™ brand is synonymous with innovation in performance equipment and our brand is regularly seen on the bodies of the world’s finest athletes The best in compression sportswear.​

We are not a marketing company. We are a performance sportswear company that backs its products with research and testing. We back up that research in studies.  

We are not going to rest on our laurels and remain static. The research we carry out in the garment development stages allows us to keep pushing the boundaries of technology and compression. We will continue to refine and push new developments.

As we development new products and prove the benefits, we will keep you informed. 

That is our commitment.