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Swix F4 Glide Wax Paste - 75ml

F4 universal liquid glide wax for skis and snowboards. A wax with a wide range of uses.
  • Universal wax for all temperature ranges
  • Glide wax for ski mountaineering and summer skiing
  • Preservative wax for metal edges
  • Easy application
Product Information

F4-75C has a sponge foam applicator for wax application. Apply a thin layer over the base. Let it dry for approx. 3 minutes. Finish by polishing with Fiberlene T0151 or Nylon Brush T0166B. Apply F4 to the metal edges before storing your skis or board after the season. This prevents the edges rusting.

Swix F4 Glide Wax Paste - 75ml




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